Valhalla Coffee Co. Tacoma, WA


Open Everyday 7-5 at the Walk-up Window

(we typically respond within one business day)


How do I best store my coffee? 

Keep your beans in a cool dark location away from light, moisture and heat.

How is your coffee sourced? 

We work with importers to bring fresh, sustainably sourced Organic and Non-Organic coffee.

What’s the difference between “conventional” and “organic” coffee? 

Conventional means not “certified organic” while these farms may not be recognized by the FTO organization, we ensure that the farms we source from are direct trade and sustainably sourced.

Fair Trade Organic means the farm has applied for and received “fair trade organic certification” usually meaning the FTO organization has overseen and verified that the workers are paid a living wage and only FTO pesticides are used.


How long until I receive my order?

Once it is shipped, 3-4 days

What shipping carrier do you use?

We ship through USPS Priority Mail

Since 2004 we offer the freshest, sustainably sourced beans, hand-roasted in small batches. We love to work with our clients to find something perfect to compliment your business and ours.

Minimum 5lbs/week, Prices vary starting at $10/lb.

We also offer commercial maintenance and refurbished commercial equipment.

Please contact us for more information