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Call: (253) 209-9613

Prices starting at $10.00 / lb.

We sell our coffee to establishments that wants to carry quality coffee for their customers*, including coffee shops, restaurants, and grocery stores. Prices start $10.00 / lb, but vary based on the type of coffee and the distance we need to travel to deliver it. We also want to make sure that it compliments your selection and does justice to both your establishment and ours. As such, we offer the following additional services:

* We require 5 lb/week minimum order, approved quality commercial-grade equipment, and will train your baristas to ensure that our coffee tastes as good and as fresh as possible.

Barista Training

A big part of a good cup of coffee is its preparation. We'll train your baristas on the best way to prepare Valhalla Coffee and others in order to make it the best cup of coffee that it can be.

General Coffee Consulting

Have questions about coffee in general? Not to toot our own horn, but we can almost guarantee that we'll have the answers you're after. Feel free to consult us for ideas on how to make your coffee stand out.

Coffee Tasting and Selection

We want you to be happy with your selection of coffee, so we offer coffee tastings and recommendations on how we can best round out your selection with Valhalla Coffee.

Equipment Maintenance

Good coffee needs good equipment to make it. If yours breaks down, we can help you fix it.

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