Equipment Maintenance

In addition, we provide over thirty years of general coffee, espresso and equipment expertise to all of our customers. This includes barista training, equipment maintenance, and general coffee education.


  • Hey guys,
    I was wondering the best way to get a good crema with a Bialetti Moka Express stovetop espresso maker. Currently i use a fine espresso grind and fill the cup a bit over full then tamp and heat it really fast, reducing heat once it starts to come out. Any suggestions beside fresh roast coffee? (Ill pick some up next week when i finally get back to Tacoma :).


  • Hello, my name is Michael, recently I started to roast my own coffee using a cast iron pan and my stove top. It comes out fantastic and smells amazing, but the one problem I have is consistency in the batch. About a quarter of the batch (I roast a pound at a time) will come out somewhere around an Italian roast while the rest varies between blonde and a solid dark roast. I was wondering if there was something I could do while I am roasting to create a more even roast, already the process consists of stirring the coffee around the pan for the entire roasting process. Any advice would be terrific! I am trying to build skills now, I am considering opening my own shop in the future I thought the sooner I learn the better. Thank you for your time and any advice in advance! -Michael Storvick

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